Plant & Machinery

1. Finning Machines Both for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous material.
2. Electric Conveyor Belt Furnace For Stress Relieving of Non-Ferrous Fin Tubes.
3. Tube Bending Machine For U-Bending after finning operation.
4. Tube Cutting Machines For exact length cutting
5. Air Compressors For supporting of Finning machine and Leak Testing Units.
6. Profile Projector To check Profile of Fins
7. Hydrotesting Unit For Leak Testing of Fin Tubes
8. Pneumatic Pressure Testing Unit For Leak Testing of Fin Tubes
9. Lathe Machine General Purpose
10. Welding Machines General Purpose
11. Drilling Machine General Purpose
12. Overhead Hoists (5MTs) For material Shifting, Loading and Unloading, etc.