Copper Fin Tube Coils (Cooling Coils)

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Fin Tube coils are generally processed out of plain Copper Tubes for direct cooling equipments.
Fin Tube Coils are available in different forms for direct application in various types of Heat Exchangers viz. Oil Coolers.

Material [ MOC ]

: Copper - SB-111 UNS NO. C - 12200


: As per SB - 359


: 15.88mm, 19.05mm

Wall thickness

: 1.65mm Up to 2.11mm.

No. of Fins per Inch

: 11, 19 and 26 FPI.

Total Developed Length

: Max. Up to : 6 Mtrs

Smallest Coil ID

: 125 mm

These Cooling Coils are generally supplied, duly "Stress Relieved".

  • Cooling coils are processed out of plain Copper Tubes having more than 2.0mm thick.