Integral Low Finned U-Bend Tubes

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We manufacture Integrally Low Finned U-Bend Tubes, as per customer requirement and specification. Dimensions such as Total Straight (Leg) length, Bend Radius for each Radii, additional plain Portion required at the adjoining Bend Portion, Plain (unfinned) Portion to be kept at both ends, etc will be strictly maintained as per customer requirement.

We manufacture Integral Low Finned U-Bend Tubes of materials viz. Copper, Admiralty-Brass, Aluminium-Brass, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel, etc., as per customer requirements.

Material [ MOC ]

: Copper Tubes : SB - 111 UNS No. C - 12200
: Admiralty-Brass : SB - 111 UNS No. 44300
: Aluminium-Brass : SB - 111 UNS No. 60800
: Carbon Steel : SA - 179
: Seamless Stainless Steel : SA-213 TP304, TP304L, TP316, TP316L


: 15.8mm, 19.05mm, 22.20mm, 25.40mm

Wall thickness

: 1.65mm up to 2.77mm

No. of Fins per Inch

: 19, 26, 28 FPI

Bend Radius

: Smallest : 28mm, Biggest 750mm

Total Developed Length

: Max. upto 20 Mtrs.

  • Integral Low Finned "U" Bend Tubes are available in Copper, Admiralty Brass, Aluminium Brass, Carbon Steel and Stainless    Steel material.
  • Integral Low Finned "U" Bends are available with Straight Leg length, as per customer requirement, extended max. upto 9 Mtrs    and minimum Radius as 28mm and Max. Radius as 750mm.
  • Integral Low finned "U" Bend Tubes are available with plain portion at both ends, as per customer requirement.
  • inned U Bend Tubes are available with Intermediate landings (plain portion for baffle sheet support).
  • Generally "U" Bend Portion will be kept free from finning (unfinned).
  • U-Bend Radius will be as per customer requirement.
  • Finned U Bend Tubes are available, duly Hydrotested, after finning and U-Bending.
  • We are having in-house facility to carry out Stress Relieving of Non-Ferrous Finned U-Bend Tubes, as per SB-359.
  • Stainless Steel Finned U-Bend Tubes shall be supplied in "As Finned U-Bend Temper" only. Carbon Steel Finned U-Bend Tubes shall    be supplied in "As Finned U-Bend Temper". However, If customer requires, we shall supply Finned U-Bend Tubes, duly Stress    Relieved, in Temporary Electric Furnace, sourcing from outside Party. Cycle of Stress Relieving will be finalized as per specification    and code, mutually agreed by Customer.
  • We shall carry out DP Test at the Carbon Steel Finned U-Bend Zones.
  • We shall provide MTC alongwith our supply documents.

Sketch of U-Bend