Condenser Tubes

Condenser tubes are specifically designed to efficiently condense process fluid of the outside of the tube. This application is widespread in heat exchangers, from being part of a condenser and evaporator refrigeration cycle in a chiller, to condensing steam in surface condensers, and everything in between. Copper Condenser Tubes are extensively used in sugar refineries for condensers and evaporators. Deoxidized copper is the standard material for transferring heat from steam to water or air because of their excellent resistance to corrosion by fresh water and their high thermal conductivities. These condenser tubes are commonly manufactured on plain Tubes of size : 15.88mm, 19.05mm and 25.40mm OD Tubes.

Material [ MOC ] Copper - SB111 UNS NO. C - 12200
Finning As per SB - 359
Diameter 15.88mm, 19.05mm, 25.40mm
Wall thickness 1.00mm up to 1.32mm.
No. of Fins per Inch 30, 36, 40 FPI
  • Copper Condenser Tubes are available with exact lengths required by customer.
  • Copper Condenser Tubes are available with plain portion at both ends, as per customer specification.
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  • Copper Condenser Tubes will be supplied, duly Pneumatic Pressure Tested or Hydro Tested, after finning.
  • Copper Condenser Tubes will be supplied in "As Finned Temper".
  • Copper Condenser Tubes will be supplied duly Stress Relieved on in-house Electric Conveyor Belt Furnace, as per SB-359, on customer specific requirement.
  • We shall provide MTC alongwith our supply documents.